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Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak


Acta Agriculturae Serbica

Vol. XIV, No 28, 2009.

The Kinetics of the Electrochemical Reduction of Xylose on Amalgamated Zinc

Pages, 3-11

M. Spasojević, Lenka Ribić-Zelenović, T. Trišović

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Modern Agriculture and Nanotechnology

Pages, 13-21

Lenka Ribić-Zelenović, M. Spasojević, D. Đukić, Jelena Vujić

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Growth Rate of Apple Fruits as a Method of Predicting Their Abscission

Pages, 23-30

D. Janković, Jelena Janković, R. Blagojević

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Fruit Genetic Resources in Republika Srpska

Gordana Đurić, Lidija Tomić, N. Mićić, M. Cvetković, L. Radoš, B. Pašalić

Pages, 31-40

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The Influence of Manner of Sustenance on Luteinizing Hormone Concentration in Dogs

Pages, 41-48

Edina Hajdarević, J. Ferizbegović, Elvira Lonić, A. Adrović, Amela Katica

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Evaluation of the Growth Pattern of Bacillus thuringiensis BtIII in Different Media Containing Low-Cost Agro-Industrial Based Carbon Sources

Pages, 49-55

H. Dhingra, K. Chaudhary

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Effect of Arterial Blood Pressure and Renin and Aldosterone Levels in Dogs

Pages, 57-64

Elvira Lonić, J. Ferizbegović, Edina Hajdarević, A. Adrović

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Variability of Quantitative Traits in Cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.) Genotypes

Pages, 65-73

Ž. Lakić , D. Đukić, S. Vojin, B. Rajčević, V. Stevović, D. Đurović

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Occurrence of Raspberry Gall Midge Lasioptera rubi Schrank (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) in Some Raspberry Cultivars

Pages, 75-81

Snežana Tanasković, S. Milenković

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Some Aspects of Apricot Production in Serbia

Pages, 83-89

Biljana Veljković, T. Milošević, I. Glišić, Gorica Paunović

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Leaf Physiological Properties of Pepper and Potato Crops

Pages, 91-96

Milena Đurić, R. Pavlović Ljiljana Bošković-Rakočević, Jelena Mladenović

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Methods of Transformation and Detection of Genetic Modifications in Field and Vegetable Crops

Pages, 97-106

Mirjana Milošević, Ksenija Taški-Ajduković

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