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Acta Agriculturae Serbica

Vol. X, No 19, 3-77, 2005

Genetic Resources and Improvement of Forage Plants in Serbia and Montenegro

Pages, 3-16

Tomić Zorica, Đukić D., Katić S., Vasiljević Sanja , Mikić A., Milić D., Lugić Z., Radović Jasmina , Sokolović D., Stanisavljević R.

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Morphological and Cytogenetic Characterization of Translocated Spring Triticale Line 131/7

Pages, 17-23

Soloviev А. А., Karlov G. I., Divashuk М. G., Bazaleev N. А.

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The influence of zeolite addition on quality of fresh lucerne silage

Pages, 25-31

Đorđević N., Grubić G., Adamović M., Stevović V.

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The Oxidation of Methanal on Platinum Coatings on Titanium in Acidic Media

Pages, 33-42

Zelenovic-Ribic Lenka, Tripković Amalija, Rafailovic Lidija, Spasojevic M.

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Basic Physico-Chemical Parameters of the Zapadna Morava River Water Quality in the Ovcar-Kablar Gorge Area

Pages, 43-51

Spasojevic M., Markovic G., Rafailovic Lidija, Ribic-Zelenovic Lenka:

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Alfalfa Fertility under Conditions of Cross-Fertilization

Pages, 53-59

Ilić Olivera, Đukić D.

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Globalisation, European Extension and Family Farming Challenge for Sociology

Pages, 61-77

Sabourin Eric, Trifunovic S.

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