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Acta Agriculturae Serbica

Vol. IX, No 17, 3-83, 2004

Response of bluberry to soil (SL) or soil foliar integrated (SFI) multicompound fertilizers application

Pages, 3-10

Szwonek E.

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Screening of soil herbicides under in vitro conditions

Pages, 11-17

Zarya Rankova, Petya Gercheva, Êrastina Ivanova

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Is there a new peasant agriculture project? An analysis based on Brazilian and French examples

Pages, 19-32

Eric Sabourin, Jean Philippe Tonneau, Marilda Aparecida de Menezes

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Risk assessment through farming systems modeling to improve farmers' decision making processes in a world of uncertainty

Pages, 33-50

Eric Penot

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Historical roots of resistance and fight against globalization: an illustrative case in Brazilian rural areas

Pages, 51-64

Thelma Maria Grisi Velôso, Dulce Consuelo Andreatta Whitaker

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The serpentinophytae of the Brdjani Gorge

Pages, 65-72

Gordana Vicentijevic-Markovic

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Fruiting wood habit of some plum cultivars

Pages, 73-76

Valentina Bozhkova

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Production potential and quality of lucerne feed

Pages, 77-83

Bekovic, D., Stevovic, V.

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