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Универзитет у Крагујевцу
Агрономски факултет у Чачку
основан 1978. године


Acta Agriculturae Serbica

Vol. VIII, No 15, 3-72, 2003

Cloning and Characterization of Nbs-Lrr Class Resistance-Gene Analogs Sequences in Sunflower

Pages, 3-9

V.S. Shevelukha, M.Y. Kuklev, G.I. Karlov

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Fertilization Influence on the Vitamin C Contect and the Yield of Sweet Pepper

Pages, 11-17

Petra Poubova

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Electrochemical Reduction of Xylose

Pages, 19-25

Spasojevic, M., Lidija Rafailovic, Lenka Ribic-Zelenovic

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Dynamics of Microbial Activity of the Highly Present Soil Types of Monte Negro

Pages, 27-40

Djukic, D., Mandic, L., Zejak, D., Spalevic, V.

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The Weed Flora of Mirijevo - the Analysis of Living Forms

Pages, 41-55

Marko Lj. Nestorovic

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The Effect of Age At First Insemination on Longevity and Lifetime Production Traits in Simmental Cows

Pages, 57-61

Petrovic, D.M., Gutic, M., Skalicki, Z., Bogdanovic, V.

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Investigation of the Resistance of Amaranthus retroflexus L. to Atrazine Through the Method of Leaf Fluorescence

Pages, 63--72

Janjic V., Djalovic I., Djuric Milena

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