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Универзитет у Крагујевцу
Агрономски факултет у Чачку
основан 1978. године


Acta Agriculturae Serbica

Vol. VII, No 14, 3-70, 2002

Weeds Flora in the Crops and Implantations

Pages, 3-15

Marko Lj. Nestorović

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Variability and Variance Components for Harvest Index in Winter Barley

Pages, 17-24

Milomirka Madic, M. Kuburovic, Marija Kraljevic-Balalic, S. Petrovic

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Seed Disinfection and Stimula-tion by Biophysical Methods

Pages, 25-32

Marinkovic, B., Marinkovic, D., Litvai, D.

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Preparation of Mother Plant Prebasic Apricot Material in the Czech Republic

Pages, 33-37

Michal Adam

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The Tendency of  Climatic Elements and Water Balance in the Soil of the Area of Cacak

Pages, 39-44

Gordana Sekularac

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The Effect of low Air Temperatures on some Blackberry Cultivars over Winter Dormancy and transition from Dormancy to Vegetation

Pages, 45-52

Kulina, M., Vico, G., Djurdjic Zorica

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Biological Characteristics of some Mutant Mulberry Silkworm (Bombyx mori L.) forms

Pages, 53-60

Teodora Petkova Petrova

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The Intensity of Potato Virus Y (PVY) Infection in different Localities of West Serbia and its Importance to Seed Potato Production

Pages, 61-70

Milosevic D., Djalovic I.

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