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Acta Agriculturae Serbica

Vol. XIV, No 27, 2009.

Varietal Differences in Phosphorus Content on Soils with Low pH

Pages, 3-9

M. Jelić, I. Đalović, A. Paunović

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The Effect of Nitrogen Nutrition and Sowing Density on the Proportion of Class I Grains in Malting Barley

Pages, 11-16

A. Paunović, D. Knežević, M. Jelić, Milomirka Madić, Gorica Cvijanović, I. Đalović

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Grain Yield And Yield Components Of Two-Row Winter Barley Cultivars And Lines

Pages, 17-22

Milomirka Madić, A. S. Paunović, D. Knežević, V. Zečević

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Ecologial Characteristics of the Roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) and Bream (Abramis brama L.) in the Reservoir of the Lake Modrac

Pages, 23-33

A. Adrović, R. Škrijelj, I. Skenderović

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The Effect of the Roughage to Concentrate Ratio on Ruminal pH and Ammonia Nitrogen Concentration

Pages, 35-41

Z. Ilić, J. Stojković, R. Đoković, V. Kurćubić

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Arboreal Energy Plantations In Hungary

Pages, 43-51

N. Kornél, P. Gábor, P. Béla

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The functional state of liver cells in dairy cows during transition and lactation

Pages, 53-61

R. Đoković, Z. Ilić, V. Kurćubić, S. Jevtić

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Analysis of the Retail Trade and Catering Sector in the Largest Rural Resort Area of Hungary (Lake Balaton)

Pages, 63-78

E. Péter, M. Weisz, E. Kovács

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Identification of Cattle Persistently Infected (PI) with the Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (BVDV) using a Screening Method for a Control and Eradicat

Pages, 79-92

V. Kurćubić, Z. Ilić, R. Đoković, S. Jevtić

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Effect of Nitrogen on the Yield and Nitrate Content of Early Potato Grown under Greenhouse Conditions

Pages, 93-99

Ljiljana Bošković-Rakočević, R. Pavlović

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