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Faculty of Agronomy in Čačak


Acta Agriculturae Serbica

Vol.XI, No 22, 3-82, 2006

Stone Fruit Drying Parameters

Pages, 3-14

M. Zivkovic, F. Kosi, R. Koprivica

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A Contribution to the Reflection on the Notion of Agricultural Multifunctionality

Pages, 15-28

S. Trifunovic

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Grain Yield of New Malting Barley Cultivars in Different Agroecological Conditions

Pages, 29-35

Milomirka Madic, A. S. Paunovic, N. Bokan, Biljana Veljkovic

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The Interdependence of Productive and Technological Traits in Two-Rowed Spring Barley

Pages, 37-43

A. S. Paunovic, Milomirka Madic, D. Knezevic, D. Djurovic

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Microorganisms as Indicators of Soil Pollution with Heavy Metals

Pages, 45-55

D. Djukic, L. Mandic

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Degree of Self-Fertility in Sweet Cherry Hybrids Obtained by Open Pollination of Stella Cultivar

Pages, 57-62

A. Zhivondov

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Effect of Some Soil Herbicides on The Vegetative Habits of Walnut Seedlings (Juglans Regia L.)

Pages, 63-68

Zarya Rankova

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Effect of Different Detergent Concentrations on the Soil Microorganisms Number

Pages, 69-74

L. Mandic, D. Djukic, Svetlana Kalinic, Marijana Pesakovic

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Microbiological Productivity of Smonitza in Mineral and Organic Fertilization Conditions

Pages, 75-82

Marijana Pesakovic, L. Mandic, D. Djukic

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