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Агрономски факултет у Чачку
основан 1978. године

Acta Agriculturae Serbica

Vol. XIII, No. 26, 3-128, 2008.

Winter Wheat Yields as Affected by Year and Nitrogen Rate Applied

Pages 3-9

M. Malesevic, Lj. Starcevic,  G. Jacimovic, Veselinka Djuric, S. Seremesic, D. Milosev

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Micronutrient Status in Sweet Cherry Leaves As Affected by Rootstock and Crown Shape

Pages, 11-16

M. Stochl, B. Krska, P. Pilarova

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The Selection of Vegetative Rootstocks for Stone Fruits

Pages, 17-24

Gorica Paunovic

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Investigation of Red and White Currant Varieties

Pages, 25-31

Nedyalka Stoyanova

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Effect of Hazelnut Growing Methods on the Growth Structure and Crown Habit

Pages, 33-38

Magdalena Nikolova, A. Zhivondov, Zarya Rankova

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Corelation Between Air Temparature, Rainfall and Weekly Fruit Growth Rate in Some Apple Varieties

Pages, 39-47

M. Kulina, R. Popovic, S. Berjan

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Population Dynamics of Azotobacter Chroococcum in Wheat and Paddy Fields With Different Degrees of Agricultural Intensification in Plains of Northern India

Pages, 49-62

Raghvendra P. Narayan, Harbans Kaur Kehri

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Development of a Shuttle Vector for Nocardioforms

Pages, 63-71

Ana Rebic

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The Influence of Posthodiplostomum cuticola (Digenea, Trematodes) Metacercariae Infestation on the Growth Rate of Leuciscus cephalus L. (Cyprinidae, PISCES)

Pages, 73-76

G. Markovic, M. Krsmanovic

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Yield and Yield Components of Alfalfa Seed as Affected by the Sowing System Employed

Pages, 77-83

D. Bekovic, V. Stevovic, R. Stanisavljevic, S. Stojkovic

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Yield, Nutritional and Medicinal Properties of Alfalfa

Pages, 85-95

D. Djukic V. Stevovic,  D. Djurovic, Olivera Ilic, Maja Jerkov

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Rhodococcus opacus and Nocardioides simplex Metabolites and Enzymes During Biodegradation of Picric Acid

Pages, 97-103

Ana Rebic

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Yield Components of Carrot as Affected by Nitrogen Fertilization

Pages, 105-114

Ljiljana Boskovic-Rakocevic, R. Pavlovic, Mira Milinkovic

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Changes Thyroid  Gland of Animals Chronicaly Treated with Alcohol

Pages, 115-128

Emilija Nenezic

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