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Агрономски факултет у Чачку
основан 1978. године



Acta Agriculturae Serbica

Vol. XVI, No 31, 2011.


31-1 Production of Bacillus thuringiensis S6 biomass using different cheap nitrogen sources

Pages, 3-8

Dhingra and Chaudhary

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31-2 Determination of genetic diversity among different tomato varieties using SSR markers

Pages, 9-17

Miskoska-Milevska et al.

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31-3 Antagonistic effect of soil bacteria against fusarium wilt of pepper in vitro

Pages, 19-31

Djordjevic et al.

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31-4 Germination, root and shoot length as indicators of water quality

Pages, 33-41

Gvozdenac et al.

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31-5 Evaluation of parent combinations fertility in plum breeding (Prunus domestica L.)

Pages, 43-49

Bozhkova V.

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31-6 Effect of the soil herbicide flumioxazin (Pledge 50 WP) on weed infestation and vegetative habits of young plum plantations

Pages, 51-57

Rankova and Popov

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31-7 Relation of floral morphological characters to genetic variation at transposon level of Velkopavlovická cultivar apricot clones

Pages, 59-72

Mészáros et al.

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